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Writing university papers is hard for many students. A large section of university students including undergraduate students, masters and doctorate students find it hard to write university papers. The students are not able to complete the papers according to the guidelines set by the department and the university. Different universities have developed guidelines to govern writing of academic papers in the institutions. The institutions have developed rules to govern plagiarism. Students who plagiarize their work get punished. The students either get low grades or are suspended. The institutions require students to write university papers using their own words. The students are not supposed to include information from the author in the university papers without quoting it.

Failure to quote the information leads to plagiarism.  In addition, students are supposed to write university papers that are free from spelling and grammatical errors. The university papers should have good flow and coherency. University students should follow the steps below when writing university essay regardless of the course being pursued. The  university  essay  should have  an abstract if the  instructor has  requested  and if  using APA writing style. In addition, the abstract should be less than 200 words. The abstract should be a summary of all the sections in the paper. The student should summarize the sections briefly. Apart from having an abstract, the university essay should have an introduction. The introduction of the university papers should give a detailed description of the topic being studied. The student should also include a thesis statement.

The thesis statement should be clearly highlighted   by underlining it or making it bold.  Identifying the thesis statement makes it easy for the reader to understand the content of the paper. Further, the student should list all the necessary sections that will be discussed in the paper. Highlighting  the  sections  enables the  reader  understand  the  flow  of the paper. The introduction should be detailed so as to enable the reader understand the topic.Moreover, the university paper should have a discussion section. The discussion section consists of various sections that will be analyzed in the paper. The sections should be explained clearly using the relevant materials.  Students should not use outdated materials to support the order as this affects the quality of the papers. Instructors grade the university papers according to the spruces used. Students who use the right sources get good marks.

On the other hand, students who do not use the right resources get poor grades. Students should be careful when selecting the sources to use. They should use different sources when writing the university papers. For example, they can use both secondary sources and primary sources. Using a wide range of sources makes the content of the university papers valid. This will help boost student’s performance. The university papers should also have a conclusion. Students should restate the thesis statement when writing the conclusion. After restating the thesis statement, they should summarize the content of the paper. The students should also give recommendations where necessary. Additionally, the university papers should have a reference page. The reference page should be clearly written according to the writing style used. Students are supposed to use one of the writing styles when writing the papers. For example, students can use APA writing style, MLA writing style and even Chicago writing style.


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