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Students buy different types of essays. For example, students buy argumentative essay, application essays or admission essays. There are many companies that offer different types of essays. Though students have a wide range of choices to choose from, they are unable to determine the right company. Most of the companies that offer essays are not credible and they affect student’s performance. Students who have bought papers from such companies have scored low grades. This is because the students have not been able to meet the requirements set by the instructors. Instructors require students to write essay that are not plagiarized. In addition, instructors require students to write essays that do not have any grammatical mistakes.

Instead, the students submit essays that are plagiarized and have errors. As a result many students have opted to buy essay from companies that offer essay writing services. Students should buy essay from companies that have the following qualities. First, students should buy essay from companies that have a 24/7 support system. Having a 24/7 support system and an excellent support team is an advantage to the clients and the company. This is because clients are able to buy essay from the company any time. Clients can buy essay from the company day and night. In addition, the company is able to retain clients and attract new clients due to the outstanding   support services offered by the company. The support team in the company should have the right qualification so as to motivate students to buy essay.  Failure to have the right qualification can affect the quality of services offered by the team and hence make it hard for clients to buy essay.

Moreover, the company offering essay writing services should guarantee clients 100% privacy to enable them buy essay from the company. Most of the  companies  offering  essay writing services are no able  to  keep  clients  information confidential, instead  the companies  share  the information with  workers in the company. Personal information provided by the client should be kept confidential. The company should dispose the information well after completing the transaction with the customers. This will ensure maximum privacy. Additionally, the company should not share the completed papers with other customers as this affects the clients work. For example, it can lead to plagiarism when the writers try to copy papers that have been completed before. It also leads to low grades and then affects customers’ success. Copying papers that have been written before  can ruin students  academic life negatively  as most of the  institutions  expel  or  suspend  students  who have  plagiarized their work.

So, the  company  should  ensure  clients  are  accorded privacy  and  confidentiality so as to motivate  them to buy essay. the  company  should  give  students  academic life  a priority  and  take the  necessary precautions  to avoid  ruining  it. Students should only buy essay from companies that are able to give privacy and confidentiality. Further, the company offering essay writing services should be able to deliver the essays on time. The company should set the date of delivery depending on the type of paper ordered to motivate students to buy essay. For example, the company can deliver papers that are less involving within 24 hours, hours and even within 3 days. On the other hand, the company can deliver complex papers after 5 days. For dissertations the maximum delivery time should be 14 days. This will encourage different students to buy essay.

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