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Article Review/writing services/article review essay

Article review is also referred to as article critique. It is a special writing which involves article reading and then providing the person reading with your take on the article’s content. When writing an article review, students have guidelines to follow. Students should make certain to adhere to the guidelines as provided by the educator. When writing an article review, students should begin with a heading which includes a sources’ citation that are being reviewed. Introduction is the first paragraph provides the summary of the highlights of the article. The summary is not supposed to give all details about the article being reviewed. It should only provide the discussion of the details that are most important.

After the article summary that is brief of the article, students are supposed to give an explanation of why the article is important. In the students’ final paragraphs, they should present their evaluation that is personal which includes whether or not the article is clear and well written. Students should also determine whether or not there was any information missing and whether more research is required in the topic. When students are doing their article reviews, they should know that they are doing more than a review of a story. They should have focus on what the article is about, students’ article reviews should reflect their opinions on the articles  that are personal as well as its effects on them or the area it was written. After students finish doing their article reviews, they should go back and read it again.

Article review writing requires a lot of time, creativity, good writing skills and patience. Many students do not know how to write an article review because they lack the required skills. They also do not have time to complete their article reviews due to their heavy academic burden. These are the reasons why they decide to find help from companies offering article review services. There are many companies online providing assistance to such students. They provide offer article reviews on science, literature, psychology, etc. However, there are some companies which are unreliable. They offer students poor services at extremely unreasonable prices. They are there to make money without interest in the performance of students. Such companies should be avoided by learners because they make students to fail in their studies. Companies should ensure that services are charged fairly so as to enable all students to access them. A company offering article review services should offer services that are the best.

Therefore, they should hire writers who are holders of degrees. Writers should be professions and with good training in different academic areas. If the writing team is composed of writers who are experts in various academic areas, a company will be in a position to attend to many students with different academic needs.Writers are supposed to have appropriate skills which will enable them write article reviews which have no mistakes. There are many kinds of mistakes which affects the quality of papers negatively. These mistakes include grammar, principle, punctuation, etc. Writers should ensure that all these mistakes are avoided. A company should have a board of editors to ensure that services are completely free from such mistakes. Companies should have soft wares for checking plagiarism. They should have sophisticated checks which ensure that all article reviews are non-plagiarized. Non-plagiarized papers are usually of high quality which ensures learners of good performance.

Article Review/writing services/article review essay

Most of the instructors encourage students to write different types of article reviews. Students write article review in nursing and law. Also, students write article review in biology and political science. Most  of the  students  are not  able  to write  article  reviews  well and  this  affects their performance. The students write reviews that do not meet teachers’ instructions. Different tutors give different guidelines that students should follow when writing article review. However, a large percentage of the students are not able to write reviews well. Hence, get low grades. Moreover, the students find it hard to review articles because they do not have adequate time. Reviewing articles is not easy and students have to spend a lot of reviewing the articles. Students are required to read the content of the article keenly so as to be able to write quality reviews.

Many students are not able to read the article carefully and analyze it critically and this affects the quality of work written by the students. Students should follow these guidelines given below when writing an article review. The guidelines are applicable to all types of article review regardless of the course being studied. First, students are required to select the article to be reviewed if it is not provided by the instructor. Instructors require students to select the article they would like to review. This makes it easy for students to select articles that meet their needs. Students should be keen when selecting the article to be reviewed.  They should not select an article that is complex as this affects the article review negatively.

This is because the student is not able to comprehend the content of the article and hence writes an article review that is of low quality. The article chosen should not be complex or too easy so as to give student an opportunity to write the article well. Also, students should select articles that are linked to their course of choice. After selecting the article, the student should read the article keenly. The student should identify the thesis statement of main idea presented by the author and include it in the article review. Some of the authors do not state the thesis statement well and the reader has to read the content well so as to be able to identify the thesis.  After identifying the thesis, the student should write it down when writing the article review and support it using points from the article chosen. Then the student should identify the strengths and weakness of the article being reviewed.

Different articles have different strengths and they should be included in the article review. An example of strength can be the organization of the content. Different authors organize their content differently. Some organize the content well and others do not. The student should show how the content is organized when writing the article review. Apart from including the strengths in the article review, the student should include the weaknesses of the article.  Further, the student should state the methods used to support the content of the article when writing article review.  Authors use different methods to support their argument. Some use data to support their points and the student should include the data used to support the work when writing the article review. Others use case studies.


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