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Reviews constitute evaluations and assessments of any pieces of composition which could be musical pieces, movies, books or even performances such as concerts. At times reviews may even been carried out on appliances and other gadgetry. In this particular case this paper looks at movie reviews, their purpose and how they should be conducted. Movie reviews are basically carried out for two purposes. The first purpose of movie reviews is for marketing purposes. Movies are mainly produced for business purposes and the reviews thus act as mode of advertising their content to the people. The second purpose of movie review is for educational purposes and students are many at times asked to view and review certain movies that may have significance to their areas of study.

For example students studying Geology, mining or environmental pollution may be asked to view and review a documentary such as “Gas land” which deals with issues of pollution that arise form gas drilling. Thus apart from the common entertainment aspect commonly associated with movies the same movies may also be used as educational material to teach social, environmental and political issues in society and more so within institutions of learning. Commercial movie reviews should provide a rating that gives the movie a ranking within its class. The review has to show how a certain movie has done or is doing according to ratings of similar movies within the same class. The relative merit of a piece of production is especially important for commercial reviews, because most people go looking for movies after reading their attractive reviews. Like most evaluative reviews movie reviews have to give both positive and negative feedback so as to avoid bias.

The movie acts as a critique which establishes the strength and weaknesses of any production and as such, movie reviews are of interest to producers because they serve to remind and show them where they may have failed or gotten it right. In the current class and lecture rooms movies are being used as tools of disseminating knowledge in the audio-visual category. Studies have shown that the use of such new tools of aid in teaching is very important in enhancing students understanding. This has been positively received and worked well probably perhaps the movies are able to attract and retain the attention of the students unlike a conventional classroom lesson. After students watch such movies then it becomes necessary for them to review them in writing so that they could be able to remember or refresh ideas about what they may have learned. This is akin to the conventional book reviews that are made after students read the books. As a result, students are always required to present a movie review in a written form.

However, it should be noted that movie reviews meant for academic purposes should be presented in different format and these require substantiation information from the movies themselves as well as from materials covered in class. Academic movie reviews should be able to show lessons learned, draw relevance to real life as well as relate their content and lessons to whatever has been taught in class which is related to the movie under review. In order to make a high quality review students are advised to avoid using already written reviews or commercial reviews to develop their own reviews, but rather to watch the whole movies in order to have an easy and comprehensive analysis and easy movie review exercise.


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