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Writing on an academic level is a little complex because it requires substantiation and academic writing which should follow some format and order which is a little different from day-to-day writing that is of a creative and less of an academic form of writing. There are numerous writing styles that are applicable in the writing of academic work, however, these have to be used or selected according to the assignment at hand and the designation of the tutor, lecturer or assigning authority. Harvard writing style was developed at the Harvard University for the sake of referencing that would make the exercise a little easier and different. This style of referencing is also known as the author-date or parenthetical mode of citation which exclusively makes use of the author/s last name and date as the main details of in-text citation.

Harvard style papers are mostly recurrent in social sciences, history and humanity. The Harvard style of referencing stipulates the formatting, referencing and writing modes applicable in the writing of any work under the style. The style is akin to many other date styles such as APA and Chicago.  The style has its own disadvantages and advantages and it may be appropriate in some situations and not others. However, the biggest determinant of whether the style is applicable or not lies with the assigning authority which determines the appropriate style applicable in the situation of the moment. Harvard style papers provide simplistic referencing that allows the readership to trace the source’s author and year of publication. However, this style may not be simplistic and straightforward compared to other more specific styles such as MLA writing style that traces the cited content down to the page level.

Harvard writing style is also more convenient, simple and flexible because it allows the use of end notes and footnote s in instances where deemed necessary. The changes and differences all depend on the choice of the author of the work. The use of end notes and foot notes involves the application of Roman or Arabic numerals superscripts which are used to denote the insertion point of the references. End notes usually appear at the end of the document in Harvard style papers whereas, foot notes in Harvard style papers appear on the end of each page.The writing of Harvard style papers is not a simple task and most students may not be proficient enough to handle such papers. Inability to handle such academic work does not in any way imply a total lack of proficiency.

However, it is an implication that there should be more training to enhance better writing skills. Online writing firms offer valuable help in such instances by providing students with different forms of help which help them in developing their Harvard style papers.  Our firm is one such writing help site that has been around for over half a decade in writing. It has been able to churn out thousands of papers at affordable fees.Online writing services in Harvard style papers follow some simple values of writing which are essential in making writing a little simple. These include the maintenance of confidentiality, reliability, timeliness, originality and personal presence and support.  Harvard style papers should adhere to these basic rules and on top of the adherence to the writing there should be some content analysis and synthesis that not only shows familiarity with content but also some in-depth understanding.

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