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Writing essay is a difficulty task for many students. Students find it hard to write college essay because they do not have the right skills to do so. Students should have a vast range of skills so as to be able to write quality college  essay. For example, the students should have reading skills and writing skills. Having good writing skills makes it easy for the students to structure the essay well. It also ensures the students write college essay that is outstanding. Also, students are supposed to have analytic skills   and presentation skills. Analytic skills enable the student to analyze the topic of the essay critically and this makes it easy for students to write excellent college essay. Moreover, students  are  required  to have research  skills  so as  to conduct  an in depth  research  when writing  college  essay.

However, majority of the learners do not posses such skills and thus write poor quality essay. Students can follow the following steps. First, students are supposed to select a topic for the essay. The topic selected determines the quality of the paper. Students  should  seediest the  right topic  so  as  to ensure the  college essay is  well written.  The  topic selected  should  give  the  student  an opportunity  to  write the  essay from different perspective. For example, in case of   an argumentative college essay, the student should be able to support the topic selected. On the other hand, the student can fail to support the topic. The position taken by the  student  when writing  the  college  essay  depends  on the  kind  of  instructions  given by the teacher. Some  teachers  require  students  to  oppose the  topic  chosen  and  others need  students  to support.

The instructions should be clear and precise for the learners to understand. Failure  to  make the  instructions  clear  affects  the  quality of essay  students  write as they are not able  to write  excellent work  and thus get low grades. After selecting the topic, students should prepare an outline for the college essay. The outline prepared should include the necessary sections that will be part of the paper. The sections should be arranged in order. After preparing the outline, one should prepare a draft. The draft prepared by the student should be clear. The draft should include relevant materials that are used to support the college essay. A draft is important when writing a college essay as it reflects the appearance of the final college essay. A poor draft affects the college essay.

On the other hand, a good draft leads to professional college essay. So, the draft should be professional. After preparing the draft, students should start writing the college essay. The college essay should be written according to the structure of the outline and college essay. It should have the sections listed in the outline. Students are required to expand the content of the draft when writing the college essay. The sections should be expanded accordingly using relevant material. Students who expand their drafts well get good grades compared to students who do not. The student should be careful when rewriting the college essay.  Apart from including the sections in the outline, the students should include a reference list. The reference list should consist of sources that have been used when writing the college essay. The   sources should be listed alphabetical order.



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