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                                                            Economics Papers

Economics papers are any form of academic written pieces of work whose subject matter deals with economics related topics. Economics papers solely tackle topics or issues that highlight the academic field of economics. The economics papers may explore economics principles or real life case studies on issues of economy. These papers may differ depending on the content and format of presentation of their content, which is mainly determined by the academic writing style applied in the writing of the economics papers. Economics papers may take the form of research papers, essays, thesis/dissertation papers and term papers among many others. Unlike day-to-day articles on business magazines or dailies on issues of economy, the economics papers written for academic purposes are more detailed in content and their content is accompanied by citations that support the content by referring its content to the sources.

The content of any economics papers is either categorized as proven ideas and principles of the subject or the author/s’ personal opinion with supportive evidence. All the content, whether opined or not should be supported by some evidence that is acquired from primary or secondary research. The basic requirement of basic supportive material to back up the facts in economics papers makes the papers to be termed as academic papers. Therefore, it is a basic requirement to have basic supportive information to back up anything purported to be true in economics papers. Economics papers are mostly required for the purpose of academic assessment and their writing is a basic task that should be undertaken in one’s coursework. In view of this fact, economics papers should be composed with great care and keenness to detail.

Generally, all economics papers must be specific in highlighting a certain issue or topic and thus cannot be general, but rather specific, clear, concise and to the point in order to avoid being obscure about their content. The thesis statement in all economics papers serves this purpose, because it acts as a rudder that steers the writing and outline of content to be writters.  As a general property all economics papers should have appropriate writing mechanics and be free from all forms of errors, just like any other form of academic writing. Errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling or language choice and use should be avoided. This is a basic requirement for all economics papers, because they are actually part and parcel of what is termed as academic papers. The language used in any economics papers should also be official and there should be no inclusion of slang or any unofficial terms.

Business jargon may be permitted, but this should be used sparingly, especially if the paper is mean for a wider readership, part of which may not be proficient in the subject of economics. Originality is also an essential feature of all good economics papers. Any paper with content merely put together through copying other sources of work or closely mimicking them cannot be termed as an economics paper, because it will be a plagiarized piece of work. Therefore, there should be appropriate appreciation of works used and this should be done by making in-text citations. In-line with the in-text citation appropriate paraphrasing and quoting should be used to make the work original. These are some of the basic features of an economics paper and the stipulations that should be adhered to in the writing of the papers.

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